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Online Materials for Staff Disability Awareness
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Suggested further activities for admissions tutors/administrators

We would like to finish this module with some suggestions for further activities that you might undertake in order fully prepare yourself for working with applicants from disabled people.

1. Familiarise yourself with the admissions policy of your university.

2. Liaise with the Disability Office at your university regarding the process for dealing with disabled applicants

3. Find out what support is available in your university for disabled students.

4. Seek the experiences of disabled students within your department about their experiences of applying to higher education.

5. Attend a staff development activity related to disability awareness.

6. Gain an understanding of the financial support available for disabled students. You might begin this by finding out about the Disabled Students' Allowances [External link: Open in new browser window] .

If in doubt refer the applicant on to the Disability Office.

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