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Administration issues

I don't know if it was agreed or not, because it was so close to the exams when they were asking, anyway, it is quite an intimidating atmosphere - there were about 200 people... I just felt very small and didn't want to put my hand up now in front of all these people and say, 'Can I have extra time?'

Ruth, 1st year, Diploma Social Work

On occasion academic staff will be approached by a disabled student for a request regarding assessment issues.


Most universities now have an assessment policy that is intended for use across all departments. In all cases when dealing with such a request you should refer to your own university's assessment policy.

However, it is good practice to be proactive in providing arrangements for disabled students and below are a few suggestions that you might consider:

Local policies

If you are a member of staff in the Demos universities you may refer to your local policy which is listed below. Staff from other universities should refer to their own policies but may wish to read the policies of our universities to get an idea of what is available.

University of Manchester :
Awards and Examinations Office: Arrangements for Students with Additional Support Needs.
http://www.intranet.man.ac.uk/rsd/exams/Spneeds.htm [External link: Open in new browser window]
Manchester Metropolitan University :
Learning Support Unit: Examination and Assessment for Disabled Students.
http://www.mmu.ac.uk/lsu/disability/exams.html [External link: Open in new browser window]
University of Salford :
Salford Exams Policy (Rich Text Format file, 18Kb).
Guidelines on the use of readers in examinations (Rich Text Format file, 19Kb).
Guidelines on the use of amanuenses (scribes) in examinations (Rich Text Format file, 16Kb).
(available soon)

This website is a useful starting point for staff from other universities in the UK :
[External link: Open in new browser window]

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