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Online Materials for Staff Disability Awareness
[Modules] : Disability Awareness

Inclusive curriculum (accessibility audit of learning)

With the introduction of SENDA and other developments within HE such as widening participation, attention is being increasingly focused on the teaching environment and its accessibility for disabled students. To help academic staff review there approach to the question of disability two notable tools have been developed:

SWANDS: Audit tool for SENDA compliance
http://www.plym.ac.uk/pages/view.asp?page=3243&ss=t [External link: Open in new browser window]
http://www.ispn.gcal.ac.uk/teachability/ [External link: Open in new browser window]

Universal design [?] has been proposed as the way forward since it encompasses the idea that changes made to the environment can be helpful to all users and that design of products should try to meet the needs of as broad a range of people as possible. There are many groups of students in HE who might require special consideration in the teaching process and true inclusivity should be considered for all learners.

At the moment, they need to be aware about deaf people. Especially in the course I'm on, they need to be aware anyway... I've had no problem with any of the teachers in the past, so up to now I am quite happy with their support which is given to me and their patience. After all, it depends on how hard you are prepared to work to receive what you want to get.

Lee, 1st year, Media and Performance

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