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Modern approaches to disability can be traced back to:

Egyptian mythology.
The period between the two world wars.
The industrial revolution.
Darwin's theory of evolution.

More recently society's response to disability has been influenced by:

The Welfare State.
The disabled students allowances.
A shortage of staff in the NHS.
Groups of disabled people.

UPIAS stands for:

United Peoples In Action for Society.
Union of Physically Impaired Against Segregation.
University of Portsmouth Inclusive Access Services.
Unify People In Access to Society.

How many categories of portrayals of disabled people in the media have been identified by Colin Barnes?

an infinite number

One of the key aspects of the social model of disability is that it focuses:

...on the personal relationships that disabled students are involved in.
...on the barriers in society that disable people with impairments.
...on medical interventions that alleviate the effects of impairment.
...on individual's experiences of disability.

In the UCAS classification system code 3 refers to which group of students?

You are deaf or hearing impaired.
You use a wheelchair or have mobility difficulties.
You need personal care or assistance.

According to HESA statistics what percentage of 1st year UK domiciled students were disabled in the academic year 2000/01?


Which organisation has published a code of practice for supporting students with disabilities?

The National Disability Team

An inclusive curriculum might consider which principle?

The medical model of disability.
An audit of university buildings.
Universal design.
Assessment of support needs.

Universities are able to pay for support for disabled students through:

Mainstream disabilty funding.
Ring-fenced funding.
Disabled Students Allowances.
Access funds.

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