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DEMOS Project

Online Materials for Staff Disability Awareness

Steering Group Membership 2000 - 2003

Project Co-ordinator :
Mike Wray
Project Directors :
Sheila Aynsley-Smith, MMU
Ann Barlow, MMU
Institutional Representative from Policy & Resources Committee :
Pat Sponder, University of Manchester
Representative from Teaching and Learning Unit :
Bland Tomkinson, UMIST
Robert Ready, MMU
Representative with On-line Learning Expertise :
Bernard Lisewski, University of Salford
Disability Co-ordinator / Adviser :
Elaine Shillcock, University of Manchester
Academic Tutor :
John Jordan, MMU
Representative JUDRC (Joint University Disability Resource Centre) :
Esther Griffiths, Access Summit
External Representatives :
David Moorhead, University of Bristol
Debbie Sapsed, University of Wales, Bangor
Project Evaluator :
Liz Sutherland

More: Terms of Reference for Steering Group