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DEMOS Project

Online Materials for Staff Disability Awareness

Training Needs Analysis Questionnaire

Note: Please do not fill in. Not active anymore!

1. Position held

Other - please specify:

2. Hours of work


3. Main subject area

4. University

University of Manchester
University of Salford
Manchester Metropolitan University

5. How much time have you spent attending staff development events in the last two years?

6. How much time have you spent attending staff development events related to disability in the last two years?

7. Please indicate the main topic/s of coverage of the disability related training

General Disability Awareness event
Impairment specific training e.g. visual impairment, hearing impairment
Disability Discrimination Act
QAA Code of Practice
IT and disabled students
Making information and teaching accessible
Other - please specify:

8. In what ways did the training related to disability change
a) your attitudes and
b) your methods of teaching and supporting disabled students?

9. How high on your list of priorities is attending staff development courses related to disability issues?

10. In terms of teaching, how important do you rate issues relating to disabled students?

11. How confident do you feel about teaching disabled students?

12. How much time would you be prepared to commit to training related to disability over the next 2 years?

None (go to question 14)
1-3 Hours
4-10 hours
More than 10 hours

13. What are your reasons for wanting to attend disability training?

Improve my awareness of disability
Need to develop my teaching methods
General interest
Part of my role
Currently/Will be teaching a disabled student
Find out about legislation/legal issues
Have personal experience of disability
Subject Review preparation
Other - please specify:

14. What are the barriers that stop you from attending disability training?

No time
Not interested
Already attended training
Already aware of the issues
Don't teach many disabled students
Events in the past haven't been useful
I don't feel it is my responsibility
Events clash with my timetable
Other - please specify:

15. If you are interested in attending events in the future what areas would you like to see covered?

General disability awareness training
Supporting dyslexic students
What is dyslexia?
Supporting deaf students
Practical advice regarding teaching disabled students
Assistive/enabling technology
Disability, Education and the Law
The QAA Code of Practice and its implications
Disabled students experiences of higher education
Assessment and examination issues
Other - please specify:

16. If disability information was made available in the following ways, which would you be likely to use?

A certificated course over a number of days/weeks
Full day sessions
Am or PM sessions
Lunchtime briefings
Group sessions
Online learning
Distance learning
Information on the www
Other - please specify:

17. Do you have any further comments regarding any of the above questions or disability-related training?

Note: This questionnaire is not active anymore!