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Guides to Metatags
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The Dublin Core

Guides to Metatags

Search Engine Watch: How To Use Meta Tags
Submit Corner: META Tag Overview
This excellent guide explains the most frequent metatags, their application and usage.
Submit Corner: Effectively Using META Tags
Good list of do's and don't's.
The basics of meta tags
An explanation of how it all makes sense and a list of which search engines support megatags (dated 1998)
Webmonkey: What can <META> Do for You?
Webdeveloper: Metatag Tutorial
Good overview of all important metatags.
A page about the description and keywords tag with some useful links. From Netmarketing for Everyone.
Netmechanic Webmaster Tips Newsletter: HTML Tip: Redirecting Your Visitors
How to use the HTTP-EQUIV refresh tag.
W3C: Meta data
From: 'The global structure of an HTML document'. Includes some useful tips regarding language-dependent information.
Metadata indexing and searching in large search services
Although probably slightly outdated, a good insight in how metadata is used by search engines.
Webmonkey: Search Engine Optimization FREE!
Includes tips on how to improve search engine ranking using meta tags.
Metacrap: Putting the torch to seven straw-men of the meta-utopia
The problem with metatags: dishonesty.
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Metatag Resources

Vancouver Webpages: A Dictionary of HTML META Tags
Digital Libraries: Metadata Resources
Extensive lists of links. A bibliography of metadata resources.
Metadata standards directories
List of resources of multilingual and other sector projects and different standards.
Search Engine Watch: Search Engine Features for Webmaster
This page shows which search engines support the use of META tags.
Yahoo! Directory HTML > META Tags

Metadata Search Engine

HotMeta is a Metadata Search Engine. It gathers the metadata from pages on the Internet or an Intranet and lets users search the metadata stored in its index.
HotMeta Overview and Capabilities
HotMeta Search Engine
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Metatag Generators

META builder
This form will generate HTML META tags suitable for inclusion in your HTML document.

Dublin Core Metatag Generators

UKOLN's DC-dot
Nordic DC metadata creator
Metadata Related Tools
DONOR WP2 Metadata Generator: Functionality of metadata generators
Comparison of DC Metadata generators.
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Metatag Evaluators

Submit Corner: META Scanner
This tool will scans the metatags of a page and makes suggestions on how to optimize them.
Meta Medic
Checks for invalid tags and offers advice.


Submit Corner: Robots Generator
A tool to help webmasters create a set of robots used to control which files and directories to allow search engines to index.
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The Dublin Core

Dublin Core Metadata Initiative
Metadata FAQ
The Dublin Core
Builder.com's very readable introduction to the Dublin Core.
A Dublin Core metatag creator.
Nordic DC metadata creator
UKOLN Metadata Resources - Dublin Core
An extensive list of resources and tools.
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This W3C site provides an introduction, technical specifications and the answers to frequently asked questions.
Vancouver-Webpages: PICS HOWTO - using PICS headers in HTML
Vancouver-Webpages: PICS Rating Generator
Weburbia's Safe For Kids Web Rating System
Declare your site "squeaky clean" with the Safe For Kids HTML metatag.
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Revisiting Meta Tags (Danny Sullivan, The Search Engine Report, 5 December 2002)
Follow-up to the article below by Danny Sullivan from Oct. 2002.
I-Visibility.com: Meta Tags
(in response to the article below by Danny Sullivan from Oct.2002)
"I wish I had a dollar for every article I've read stating that Meta Tags are "dead". It is a misleading statement that apparently started with an article by Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Watch. He was referring to one particular meta tag, the keyword tag. But pretty soon, he was misquoted everywhere."
Death Of A Meta Tag (Danny Sullivan, The Search Engine Report, October 1, 2002)
Danny Sullivan argues that it is time to drop the use of the meta keywords tag because it is no longer supported by many search engines.
Why metadata is important (Gerry McGovern, October 1, 2001)
Court Lays Down the Law on Labels for Web Sites (New York Times, April 30, 1999)
This article shows how easily metadata can be abused.
Coalition accepts Microsoft-based "metadata" standard (CNET News.com, July 19, 1999)
This standard promises some interesting metadata extensions for business information, data warehousing and knowledge management.
Metadata for digital preservation: an update, (Ariadne, 21-Dec-1999)
A review of activities related to the development of metadata schemes for digital preservation.
Dublin Core Management, (Ariadne)
Discusses syntax, content and management issues and the tools used to embed Dublin Core metadata into Web pages.

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